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    Not really a warp but a bow. I have a hickory board 1x5x8'. If I lay it flat and pull a string across the face, I have adout 3/4" bow in the board. Both edges are good and parallel. I need to get a small table top out of it, 18x30 oval. My problem is how do you bend a board and get it back flat. Right now I have it clamped to a flat work bench, somehow I don't think that will help my situation. I'm sure there must be a way, I'm just not knowledgeable to know how. Anyone of the pro guys have a way. Thanks again for all the help.

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    You can take the concave side and wipe some water and set it in the sun with wet side down. So in other words the ends should be on the deck and the bottom wet. I have had that work in the past. The alternative is to cut the pieces you need and alternate the bow. Hope that helps.
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    Well that's interesting, do you think I should weight it down or just let it bow with the dry end up.

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    Boards warp due to uneven stresses within the board. Once it decides to bend there's not a lot that can be done other than to mill it flat again (which isn't possible due to the extreme amount of bend) or use mechanical force to keep it flat. The idea of cutting to length and alternating the bow on adjacent pieces can provide the mechanical force to help keep it flat if you are able to keep them all flat long enough to glue it up. Also, you can design the table such that the way the top is fastened down it keeps the glued up board flat. Just be careful to allow for expansion so it doesn't split later on.

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