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Thread: Pattern Sculptor

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    Quote Originally Posted by bergerud View Post
    Sorry Floyd but I have to agree with Hal. Pattern Sculptor outputs .stl .obj, and .ptr. The STL importer is needed to use the .stl and Designer 3 is needed for the .ptr. Without either the STL importer or Designer 3, I cannot see how one could use a Sculptor edited pattern with the CW.

    Am I missing something?
    Ok I will eat some of my words on that one. Up until yesterday I had not down loaded the upgrade on or Sculptor demo. My comments were based on the info provided by CarveWright.

    After doing the upgrade and working through a WTF moment of being stuck in DEMO MODE until I updated my license file this is what I have figured out. Running Sculptor as a stand alone you can export as STL to be used in any version of designer. Right? To me the STL importer would be one of the most recommended add ons to have with all of the free stl files available on the web for making new patterns for the CW.

    Since I am only running Sculptor in demo I can not verify this but if one has Pattern Editor, after exporting the stl out of Sculptor and importing the stl into designer one should be able to open the new pattern with the Pattern Editor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnfrwd View Post
    I asked this question. There is information in a .ptn that can only be put there through Designer, such as creator information, licensing, etc. PTR is a "raw" graphic format.
    Why not make png or heightmap as an export format available through pattern sculptor so that one not need to buy 2 software modules to make one work? That would work with all versions of CW and make pattern sculptor work for even more non CW machines thus broadening the market for this software.

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    I have made that suggestion and am hoping for a response. It makes sense to me.

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