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Thread: KC Chiefs patterns

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    Default KC Chiefs patterns

    Wondering if anyone has patterns for the KC Chiefs logo? Would like both vector and raster patterns if available.

    I'm guessing the NFL doesn't care about small time people using it's logos. Lots of people do it, and it's impossible to get permission... I tried. The team will refer you to the NFL, and to get a license costs like 100k. I emailed them about a small crafters license and got just a copy of how to get the expensive license. At least I have gotten licenses for the two colleges that sell here... that's more than most people do around here. I recently went to the Hillsboro craft fair, one of the biggest there is with like 300 vendors and at least 10 booths had unlicensed stuff.

    I did talk to one guy who did metal wall hangings of mostly colleges, said he had licenses for over 40 schools. He told me that especially up north schools will send reps to bigger shows and if they find unlicensed stuff they will shut the booth down and confiscate the items.

    Thanks for any help on the Chiefs stuff!
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