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Thread: Help with aircraft painting

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    Default Help with aircraft painting

    I am doing a project that has a large carved blackhawk helicopter in it. I have no experience painting military aircraft. I need to know how to paint it without it just looking like a blob. I know just painting it black isn't right, has to be some sort of dark gray. Windows must be blue or silver maybe? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    It's flat black. If you want dark gray, or faded black I'd try adding a little white with flat black or use a charcoal color.
    Why don't you try "Fine Scale Modeler" Forum with your question..
    The standard Army paint color for helicopters is a dark green color called Helo Drab Green
    There are seven blackhawks for sale on GSA auctions with pictures and I would call them chalk board drab.
    thanks so much!

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