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Many thanks for that clarification Michael. That will certainly help me in both working with and sharing designs as well as advising others, without passing along bum dope. A bow toward the SouthEast to the Master. We are not worthy, we are not worthy. Seriously thanks as always.
You're welcome, but you're too funny! None of us can remember everything all the time. That's why the forum is so great...the 'collective memory' is superior to a 'singular memory'. Gosh, I can still recall how "lost" I felt when I first started this venture - it was a little scary. (Thank goodness for the helpful people on the forum!)

I kind of embarrassed myself a couple months ago on the Beta forum when I reported what I thought was a 'bug' when testing the new Vector Group (VCarve function). I had repositioned an existing vector group and it wasn't showing the new result on-screen, so I immediately reported it, thinking I had 'discovered' something that needed fixing. Ummm...Duh!...I had forgotten to re-select the vector group to allow the software to recalculate the new position after I had moved the group. I had totally forgotten to do that, even though I had done this correctly dozens and dozens of times. It was working perfectly after all. Pilot error on my part!