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Thread: 2014 Everyone's a Winner Contest Entries & RESULTS

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    Default 2014 Everyone's a Winner Contest Entries & RESULTS

    My project entry of a lock that works and is all wood!
    Original plan from Tim Detweiler's book - Making More Wooden Locks
    Converted to a CarveWright B machine for cut outs and text.
    I hope you enjoy it.

    Name : Steve Johnson
    Forum : SteveJ
    Carving quality settings: Best
    Carving time : 6 boards at about 30 minutes each
    Material: Red oak and hickory internal for a spring
    Finish: MinWax Mission Oak one step and clear coat
    Software : Designer 1.187 , centerline text
    Assembly : A long weekend...

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    Default Numechron

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    Digital wood clock

    by Dick Bipes at (DickB on the forum)

    Project description

    The Numechron Digital Clock design was inspired by the Pennwood Model 1364 digital clock. Clocks of this type originated in the 1930s, and were built for many years by the Pennwood and Lawson companies in many different wood, metal, and plastic case styles.

    I really liked the Art Deco style of the Model 1364 case and chose to emulate it, although my clock is considerably larger than the prototype. While mimicking the original style, I employed considerable open space in the case design so that the clock's internals would be visible.

    A Pennwood employee, F. Greenwalt, patented the mechanism for this type of clock in 1935. He developed an ingenious set of wheels, cams, and levers to flip the numerals and operate the clock. I consulted the original patent to design the mechanism for my clock.

    All of the wooden parts were designed using Carvewright Designer 1.187 and machined with the Carvewright machine.

    The hours and minutes numerals are made of 1/4" poplar sourced from Home Depot. The numeral segments were a two-sided carve, the mitered top and bottom edges of the numeral rectangles carved to the proper angles on the back side. (These could have been cut with my table saw, but the Carvewright makes an easier job of machining these relatively small parts that would be a challenge to hold safely while sawing.) Centerline text was used on the front. The seconds wheel segments were made of 1/2" poplar, also sourced from Home Depot. Again, the mitered edges were carved from the back. The Designer 3D tools were very useful to create the miters and the curved face of the seconds segments. Centerline Text and Conforming Vectors were used for the seconds numerals. (The rotary jig might have been another approach to machine the seconds wheel, but alas I don't have one.)

    Red oak was used for the supports, motor mount, and other parts. Red oak was also used for the bottom of the case. Select pine was used for the clock's base, and the ribs that make up the case sides and top. The front was made of 1/4" Baltic birch plywood. While it could have been cut in one piece, Model 1364 had an interesting arrangement of veneer, so I made the front of multiple pieces to emulate the original. The pieces were laid out in Designer and cut by the Carvewright with rabbets to make nice lap joints for easy and solid assembly.

    In addition to the wooden parts, some brass tubing, springs, and a few ball bearings were used for the mechanism. A 1 RPM synchronous motor powers the clock and keeps accurate time. Motors of this type are used in time card machines and may be readily sourced as replacement parts for about $30.

    I have seen photos of many different wood clocks, but I think it is safe to say that Numechron is unique.

    Description of materials used for construction and finish
    Central hubs and frames for the large wheels, and face - Baltic birch plywood
    Small wheels, supports, motor mounts, case bottom, and bezel - oak
    Numerals - poplar
    Base and case top - pine
    Minwax Red Oak stain on case bottom and bezel
    Minwax Golden Oak stain on case face and top
    Black Marsh Stencil Ink in numerals
    Minwax Satin Polyurethane over all

    Software used to design the project
    Designer 1.187 with Centerline, Pattern Modeling Suite (3d Advanced), and Conforming Vectors

    Photos and/or videos of the finished project

    Attachment 69988 Attachment 69989 Attachment 69990

    Carving quality settings and carving times
    File Quality time # of parts
    base Normal 0:12:41
    bezel Best 1:08:23
    bottom Normal 0:03:12
    feet Normal 0:03:23
    front Normal 0:11:12
    hours numerals A Normal 0:16:50
    hours numerals B Normal 0:16:50
    inch parts Normal 2:01:46
    motor mount Normal 0:24:23
    ones numerals A Normal 0:09:55
    ones numerals B Normal 0:06:54
    plywood parts Normal 0:29:59
    ribs Normal 0:44:53
    ribs center Normal 0:08:39
    seconds numerals Normal 0:28:55
    spring parts Normal 0:45:08
    tens numerals Normal 0:14:49
    top ribs Normal 0:29:44
    Total 8:17:36
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    Attachment 70012Attachment 70013Now for something a little on the simple side....ELEPHANT WALL PLAQUE.

    Background with Palm Trees: Carved on "C" machine, using basic software. Wood: Juniper. Carving time: 6 hr 41 min. on Best setting. Size: 28.6"x13.6"
    Foreground-Elephant: Carved on "A" machine, using Basic Software. Wood: Juniper. Carving time: 4 hr 29 ming. on Best setting. Size 16"x10.5"
    Patterns: Palm Trees and all animals by Victor Clip 3D.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Elehpant-3B-WEB.jpg   Elephant-2B-WEB.jpg  

  4. Default Harley Screaming Eagle Snoz Box

    Attachment 70063Attachment 70064Attachment 70065
    My project is a Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Tissue Box.
    Name: Michael Johnson
    Forum: basic_johnson
    Carving quality: Best
    Carving time: 3hrs39mins
    Material: Poplar, wood glue, sand paper, and clamps
    Finish: Min Wax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner and Cherry Min Wax stain one coat and one coat Min Wax Clear Gloss
    Software: Designer 1.187
    Assembly : A good 2 days sanding to get it just right!
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    Default 2014 Everyone's a Winner Contest Entries

    Carving Settings Normal
    Front and Back carving time 1 hr
    Sides carving time 3/4 hr
    Top 1 1/4 Hr
    Attachment 70091
    Attachment 70092
    Attachment 70093
    Attachment 70094
    Attachment 70095
    Attachment 70096
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    IMG_1480.JPG   IMG_1479.JPG  

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    Default Robert Dages - Blue Litho


    Size 5" x 7"
    Feather 1/8"
    Bit Opt_Best
    Depth 0.200
    Height 450
    Carved on Optimal
    Time: 01:07:06

    Blue 1/4" Cast Acrylic

    Designer 2.007Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SunRays Clouds.jpg 
Views:	73 
Size:	408.0 KB 
ID:	70116
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    Default Gelu Burla - Nixie Clock

    Gelu Burla - Nixie Clock with Boat Case.

    The "boat" dimensions are: 7" length x 3" width x 2" height (without tubes). There are two small mpc files to get the boat body and the upper& bottom panels. The total cutting & carving time for all parts is 56 minutes (on Optimal Quality). The boat body material is pine and the upper & bottom panels are made from MDF.

    The software version is Project Designer 1.187.

    I used new bits (1/8" Cutting Bit and 1/16" Carving Bit) and 120 Size Sand Paper for finishing. At the end the case has been manually painted.

    The electronic part consist of 4 digits Nixie tubes and the electronic board

    See youtube video here:
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    Terrific projects entered this year!!! Congrats to you all!

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    7th Place $25 - Gelu Burla - Nixie Clock
    6th Place $50 - Michael Johnson - Harley Screaming Eagle Tissue Box
    5th Place $100 - Sharon Berrum - Elephant Plaque
    4th Place $200 - Jack Hogan - Martial Arts Box
    3rd Place $300 - Robert Dages - Blue Lithophane
    2nd Place $500 - Steve Johnson - Key & Lock
    1st Place $700 - Dick Bipes - Numerchron Clock

    Congratulations to you all!
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    CarveWright CX Packaged System - starting at $2000
    CarversClub 1 Year Subscription - $150.00/year
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