We haven't gotten much feedback on the rotary jig. So, I thought I'd bring up a bug for those who own one.

Designer uses a technique to minimize X-drive movement by combining raster patterns along the Y axis. Multiple rasters are combined into one 'wide' pattern. Raster patterns either "contain" carve data, or they "skip" uncarved areas. Skipping implies the bit raises to 0.25" above the board surface and quickly moves across Y.

Placing two regions on either end of a rotary, with nothing in between, gives the impression the project will come out in the round (imagine a rolling pin). The bug appears when the board is larger than the actual project size, and the project occupies the entire rotary board. The user will not be prompted to 'round the board' as described here. The center will be 'skipped', and the resulting carve will not be as intended.

There are a few workarounds to fix this:
1) use a rounded board the same size as the project
2) apply a region along the uncarved areas, to a depth of 1/128 (or maybe 1/64) of an inch
3) Make the width of the board larger than the carve, which will activate the 'rounding' prompt, and let the machine round the board.