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Thread: Two Sided Carves - New "Flip Within Jig" feature of 2.005

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    did I miss something? how do you "center" the back, then?

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    The back does not have to be perfectly centered. The hole that is drilled defines the project center.

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    The problem M has with the centering hole in the back is if the pattern does not need a hole in it! Good for gears, maybe not so good for other things. It cannot, therefore, be a "standard" procedure for double sided carves. Dick's routine, however, has the advantage that only one accurate jog is required instead of two. In the flip-jig routine, one has to accurately jog twice to the project corner. With Dick's method, one needs only to crudely jog to center and carve the back. The center hole is drilled as part of the back pattern and is so accurate "by definition". Now when flipped, an accurate jog to the hole is all that is required.

    I think Dick's method could be used with the flip-jig routine. Instead of having a center hole as part of the project back, one could have a corner hole. (The real board could be slightly bigger than the project board) One would do a crude flip-jig jog to the front left corner of the back. The back would be carved and a hole drilled through at the jog point as part of the project. The board is then flipped in the jig and then one jogs to the hole (now the front right).

    I am not a big fan of jogging to line up carves, but this would have to be as accurate as jogging can get.

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    Ok, I've done this project before but forget how I flipped the board. I'm carving the Victorian Ornaments and have added some words to the back side, these ornaments have a drilled hole to hang it by so the words I put on the back use the same hole for the top, but when I go to carve this which way will I flip the board? End to end or top to bottom? I do use a carrier board for carving. I'm using 1.187 designer.

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    I would think you flip it like a normal 2 sided carve, rotate the side to side not end to end, but then it would depend on how you have placed your text.
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