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Thread: Cast Acrylic for lithophanes

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    I'm still confused about the correct "plastic" material for making lithophanes. I realize I can just buy from CW, but in order to purchase locally, what do I need to request? I have seen some users refer to plexiglass; some to Lexan; some to "signmaker's plastic". I understand there is a difference in cast acrylic and extruded acrylic, but how do I know which I'm requesting? Do I need to go to a glass supplier and ask for one of these products? I don't want to purchase a product that will damage/destroy my bit or my machine. Please help this newbie with his confusion!


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    Default Cast Acrylic for lithophanes

    Both Plexiglass and Lexan are brand names. The key to a usable material is its resistance to heat. The bit turns at about 20,000 rpms. Plexiglass is not heat resistant and will melt or turn gummy. Lexan is a polycarbonate and is heat resistant. Cast acrylic is good. My favorite is Corian type material. You can also carve in products like Azec. (decking material)
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    Best for lithopanes in my opinion is Corian. You may be able to get cutoffs locally from a cabinet/counter top shop.

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    What about polypropylene?

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    Ive used sabian cutting boards I got at Lowes, but I like corian better.
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    Just go to ebay and search for 1/4 inch corian, LG HIMACS, or Avonite. These are all brand names. White or glacier white is common for lithos, If you what a sepia type hue go for Bone color. Another source is You will do best with these materials. Also Look up solid surface counter tops and shower manufacture and installation in your area. If you find one they will usually give you great deals on cut offs and pieces. I once got a 4 feet by 4 feet of white 1/4 inch corian for free! I made hundreds of dollars worth of lithos off that sheet. They went out of business so it was a one time deal.

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