Forum Addendum – Electronic Files

LHR encourages and supports the sharing of patterns and projects among our forum members to further the enjoyment and education of our customers in the use of their CarveWright Systems.

Electronic files used in the CarveWright System include patterns (.ptn), projects (.mpc), and artwork (.mpw). These patterns & projects are free for customers to use for creating finished projects on their CW machine(s) whether for themselves, to share with friends & family or to sell to their customers. These finished projects are not considered electronic files and not subject to the following:

LHR reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban any forum member that downloads freely shared electronic patterns (.ptn’s) or projects (.mpc’s) for use on any third party sites, or distr
ibuted on any electronic medium, whether for sale or free.

The person that created the electronic file is not considered third party. The creator should be aware that once posted on the forum, LHR is not responsible for the protection or unauthorized distribution of that file.

Please note, the Pattern Depot with its licensing system was established, specifically, as a means for pattern & project creators to protect their designs. If you would like to become a pattern vendor, protect and sell your pattern or project files, please send an email to us at

This policy is effective immediately. LHR reserves the right to apply a temporary or permanent ban to individuals who may have done this prior to this addendum should they refuse to remove patterns that they did not create from their site, or discontinue any other unauthorized method of distribution.