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  1. Default CNC Jamboree 2014

    We are working very hard to make this the best event we have hosted to date. This is going to be 'over the top' cool. Plan on meeting us in Lexington, Kentucky on September 5, 6, and 7, 2014 to get Plugged In. Register now to save your seat. Classes include Designer 2.0 basic and advanced, Aspire software, machine set up, finishing, project development and much more.

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    Visit the official website to learn more ...

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    The Learning Center at Linlee, Lexington, Kentucky. We are very proud to announce this as the location for this years Digital Fabber CNC Jamboree. TLC at Linlee is a School of Innovation, which offers four core-content classes along with physical education and art, is a project-based learning environment with real-world applications for students.

    2420 Spurr Road • Lexington, Kentucky 40511

    There are a limited number of tickets available so sign up early. This years event is going to be an over the top experience.

  3. Default Classes

    Classes will include ...

    Aspire basics and advanced.
    Rhinocerus ... modeling tools for designers
    Sketch Up - from napkin to manufacturing
    Designer 2.0 ins and outs
    What do I need to run my 3D Printer?
    ​Free Downloads.

    The PlotClock
    Quad Copter 101 and Advanced
    Technology Based Projects
    Project selection and development
    Documenting Student Projects
    ​Online Resources and Tools
    ​The Digital Fabber mobile production lab - "The Trailer"
    The Digital Fabber Challenge - more on this later. Stay Tuned

    ShopBot Desktop as a mini manufacturing lab
    Turning - 4th Axis
    The CarveWright Personal CNC machine
    Machine maintenance
    What is a HandiBot?
    Intro to 3D printers

    Project Completion:
    The Business of Carving
    Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
    Carving Photos in Wood
    Lithophanes - "How did you do that?"
    Lit Acrylic - all of the parts and pieces
    Faux Finishing ... is that gold?.
    ​ Bank It

    and many more

  4. Default DigitalFabber is proud to announce

    Digital Fabber is proud to announce
    The 3rd Annual Cnc Jamboree - Get Plugged In
    at The Learning Center @ Linlee
    2420 Spurr Road • Lexington, Kentucky 40511
    September5, 6 and 7, 2014

    Officialevent website:
    Anyone interested in a whole lot of fun mixed with a little training?

    The3rdAnnualCNC Jamboree willbe held at The Learning Center @ Linlee, Lexington, Kentucky, theweekend of September 5th,6thand 7th,2014. We will have classroom training all day Friday, Saturday and'Shop Day' on Sunday, a day for making projects, sharing techniques,demonstrating machines and sharing all manner of closely guarded secrets.

    Whatis a CNC Jamboree?Westarted out like a lot of you as hobbyist CNCers and in time becamevery serious about the craft, art, use and function of CNC equipment.Our goal here at CNC Jamboree is to offer affordable and valuabletraining to everyone. To share new hardware and software andintroduce you to patterns and projects that will blow your mind. Wewill also share machine demos that will help you realize what afinely tuned and maintained CNC machine is capable of. The sky is no longer the limit.

    I learned a ton last year and am looking forward to even greater exchange of information this year!” –Scott Smith

    Whatis a CNC Machine?Wellyou can use all kinds of techno jargon when it comes to this, but wechoose to stay away from that and just say it like this: CNC is anydevice that is controlled by a computer. It could be a router, alaser, and embroidery machine, a long arm quilter (the list reallydoes go on forever). Any number of things fit into this category.

    Whocan benefit from a CNC Jamboree?Anyone!In today's World CNC has become very affordable to hobbyists,artists, co-ops and small woodworking shops. It is no longer limitedto large production facilities. The piece that was missing?Affordable training. We intend to fill that void, and our training will appeal to novice as well as expert users.

    Weknow that the initial cost can be low and people sometimes get caughtup in the excitement of just taking a machine home and they leave itcaptive in the box (you people know who you are). It is our goal to empower you with the knowledge and skills required to make worth while projects, to set your machine and your imagination free, to feel the power of creativity and unleash it onto the World.

    Event Pricing and Registration:

    visit to Register Now!

    Theprice of this event will be $279.00 per person (this includestraining, FREE patterns, all the fun you can stand, give-aways andmore). Registration at the door will be $299.00 per person and may be paid with cash or credit card only. NO CHECKS PLEASE.

    Thisyear we are offering a very limited number of tickets at a studentrate of $129.00 per person (this includes everything in the standardpackage). Registration at the door will be $299.00 per person and maybe paid with cash or credit card only. NO CHECKS PLEASE. Students must email a copy of a current student ID to in order to qualify.

    Registration does not include accommodations or any items offered for sale by our presenters or vendors.

    Register Now!

    Wehave also added a demo day to our schedule. Demo day is SaturdaySeptember 6th,2014 and will be held in the gymnasium at The Learning Center. Thisevent is open to the public and will be $5.00 in advance or $8.00 atthe door (CNC Jamboree attendees, students of TLC, and TLC facultyget in free). We will have CNC Routers, Lasers, and 3D Printers fromcompanies like CarveWright, ShopBot, MakerBot, Solidoodle, and APLaser, to name just a few. There will be all manner of geeky thingsto share. We will be giving away custom signs, games, t-shirts andother fun prizes, too! (all proceeds go to The Learning Center)

    At our Demo Day we will also be sharing the results of the Digital Fabber Challenge. Stay tuned for more information about that.

    "What is Digital Fabber?" You might be asking yourself …“Who, or what is Digital Fabber”? In addition to being aninformational website (blog/e-zine), ( is anonline Magazine of sorts. A place where we share all of the latest tech (hardware, software, substrates, finishes), Build Blogs, Digital Patterns and Project Plans, all of the training videos we can find and so much more.

    We also provide an online community ( provides a single location to gather and chat, post to forums,browse photo and video galleries, and educate yourself or others on what a fabber is and does…

    "t3IR"... Welcome to the Third Industrial Revolution. Whatis a Fabber? A fabber (short for “digital fabricator”) is a“factory in a box” that makes things automatically from digitaldata. Fabbers generate three-dimensional, solid objects you can holdin your hands, submit to testing, or assemble into workingmechanisms. They are used by manufacturers around the world forlow-volume production, prototyping, and mold mastering. They are also used by scientists and surgeons for solid imaging, and by a few modern artists for innovative computerized sculpture. Manufacturers report enormous productivity gains from using fabbers.

    Ifyou would like to sponsor this event call 309-232-9663

    ThankYou from Jason R. Allen, Founder/Publisher Digital Fabber

    CarveIt • Cut It • Stitch It • Print It
    LearnIt / Build It / Bank It
    Checkout our website at

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