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Thread: Just wanted to share - different finish color

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    Default Just wanted to share - different finish color

    After posting my question about what colors to use on a sign I made, I ran into this.
    There were several you-tube videos about this but I had never seen it on this forum.

    I wanted to create an old-weathered look on new wood.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The background is a color-sheet for milk paint.
    The piece of wood is soft curly maple.
    The coloring on the piece of wood is from dissolving some steel-wool in some vinegar.
    I used the "stick" to push the steel-wool down into the vinegar on day-two.
    The mixture should "brew" for four days before being used according to the videos.

    The third picture shows where I sanded through it with some fine sandpaper.
    It was deeper than I thought, but not by much.

    Interesting finish, not sure what to do with it - maybe use it under a crackle-finish.

    I used a half of one steel-wool pad (fine) in a cup of vinegar, most was still not dissolved when I did this.
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    I'm interested in the out come of the finished sign when you get done, inquiring minds wants to know.....

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