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Thread: Got Questions? This Forum has answers.

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    Default Got Questions? This Forum has answers.

    Hello, I am Dave,

    I purchased my Carvewright in August 2011 and reading this forum has been so helpful to me over the past last 2 years with issues although I seldom do any posts. I had always wanted a Compucarve the first time I saw it at a Sears store years ago and dreamed about all the neat things I could make to enhance my woodworking projects. Through trial and error I have figured outwhat the machine can and cannot do. The one thing I kept forgetting that it is not an industrial piece of equipment and you have to be gentle with the Carvewright. Keeping that in mind when the machine faults or a project does not turn out as expected, I just take a deep breath then logically figure out what went wrong.

    I have discovered two simple rules to keeping your Carvewright running.

    1. Keep the machine (inside) dust free while carving.
    2. See rule number 1.

    I have not had a major malfunction over the past year and I contribute that to the above rules. Also it’s a good idea to have some common spare parts on hand that can be easily changed out to get your machine back up running. There are many posts on what parts to have handy.

    Here’s a little bit about myself. As a child I always liked building things out of wood and I got my first real table saw and router when I was 13. My favorite thing to build back then was old looking trunks. Woodworking has always been a one of my hobbies. My college degree is in electronics and my career has been in electronics, PLC programming, industrial electronics and mechanics for 30+ years. I presently work at an automotive manufacturer assembly plant as a technician maintaining Kuka Robots, Allen Bradley PLC’s and everything else in between.The only way I can describe my job is it is like being at Disney World and Iget to play with millions of dollars’ worth robot toys. The Carvewright is just one of my hobbies and it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to carve.

    Thanks Carvewright Community!

    Tuscaloosa, AL
    PS. Roll Tide

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    Good Post... similar backgrounds with PLC's... Omron and Fanuc Robots.. Sony Picture Tube Plant years ago.

    Favorite Saying.... "It's ALL About the Brass Roller"..... And "Use MASKING TAPE" for board skipping in the X or breaking bits.

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