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Thread: When Carved Projects are Appreciated!

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    Default When Carved Projects are Appreciated!

    It is always delightful when someone really appreciates your work and I want to share a couple of recent gift projects that overwhelmed the recipients.

    The first one was a gift to my wifeís aunt with one of her favorite sayings about travel. I donít really get the saying but she loves it, put pictures on her Facebook and has talked about it for weeks with her friends.

    The other was a something I actually sold; I usually give my projects away. It was to a coworker that wanted a special birthday gift for his wife that does woodworking as a hobby. He told me that when she opened it she loved it and burst out into tears. Ok, that makes me feel good that some peopler really do appreciate custom carvings.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    It does not get better than that! Great post. (I do not get the travel saying either. Whenever my wife goes on a trip, I stay home and buy a new power tool.)

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    Both excellent projects.

    (I get the saying.)
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    Both are very nice carvings Dave and I can see why they were appreciated for your craftsmanship. Well done Sir. Curiously I do get the sentiment of her favorite travel quote. The only sad part is that the airlines, TSA and other aspects of it all have introduced so many hassles these days that most of the time I don't know if I really feel richer after the trip is done. However lying on a beach with a cold one in hand sure does seem worth the hassle come wintertime.
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    Nice feeling to have. Dave nice work. I like the the second carve nice tool set.

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    Nice signs, I really like the woodworking one.

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