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Thread: Polyacrylic vs Polyurethane vs Lacquer?

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    Isn't mineral oil the same thing only without the "baby" scent?

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    For someone looking for different .I have used scrap bookers ink pads to highlight and finish instead of stain.

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    Yes Terry it is the same. I use Danish oil. It really sparks up the color of the wood. Then I let it dry for 2-3 days. And top coat with water-borne Polyurethane. I tell customers to let them cure for a few weeks before putting them outside. Never had a problem... yet! LOL The Danish oil finish will not build up. It is absorbed by the wood.
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    I am in the process of trying myself. I pulled the trigger and bought myself brushing lacquer. First tip on using this pruduct YOU NEED TONS AND TONS AND TONS OF VENTALATION/FRESH AIR. This stuff will make you higher than a kite just opening the can. I told my buddie forget about lighting a match in my shop...don't light a match in my neighborhood! That being said I LOVE the results. Or maybe I'm just high I had three coats on both of my carvings the same day. After they were cured I went over the flat surfaces with a 3M Scotch Brite pad. The buffed up like glass. I will post pictures of my two carvings when I can figure out how to post pictures. I added pictures of a dust hood I built but I don't see them on the forum.
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    I think I found that video...a guy applying the baby oil and Kiwi brown shoe polish on a carved wooden mask. I am definitely going to try that!

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    That being said I LOVE the results. Or maybe I'm just high
    that's funny.... BTW a good undercoat is shellac this is organic its less expensive as a bonus will let you use less of the nitro as a topper...
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    Kiwi brown shoe polish
    Yea back in the 80's I had a guy show me this as a way to make sunbursts " dark to light brown" for Les Paul's guitars and you can spray lacquer over it.

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    for someone trying to find a substitute.Instead of staining, I have highlighted and finished with scrapbookers' ink pads.
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