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    I just wanted to give a big thank you to LHR/CarveWright on the wonderful time
    that I and many others had at the 3th Conference.

    Looking forward to the 4th one next year.
    Happy Carving

    Robert D.

    CarveWright START U Team Member.

    The mightiest oak in the forest is just a little nut
    that held it's ground.

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    2013 conference was an exciting and rewarding experience, thanks to all, presenters, sponsors and those who displayed their projects! Thanks LHR. I had a great time! D Bemus

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    Ditto's on the thank you for LHR/CarveWright family and all who attended, "the extended family". I was especially impressed by the CarveWright team, what a talented group to work with. Where's the next conference location? Will we be getting the contact information of the people who attended?? Here's mine: Joe Ragsdale,,, 813-732-1576.

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    Will send follow up email tomorrow (hopefully). Still about 150 emails behind.

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    Plan to send follow-up email tomorrow, but still lagging about 150 emails behind. Sent from iPhone using Tapatalk.
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