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Thread: "Everyone's a Winner" Contest

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    I'm not worried about it one way or the other really- it didn't make the deadline and I just want to make sure that LHR gets the best possible promotional tools they can and that my project helps (even in a very small way) keep the Carvewright successful. Because I missed the deadline it may even be unfair by some if the video is considered (though I seriously doubt that it would make a difference in the final judging)

    My only real regret is that I won't be at the conference to see all the other great projects. Mine is pretty simple, but hopefully it can show folks how you can get a quality carve with a fairly minimal machining time and can make an easily changable product that can sell well with very little material investment.

    I've tweaked the eagle layout and feathering a bit and am currently carving them in batches of 3, nested with the grain running parallel to the Y-axis. This (IMHO) creates a higher-quality carve in less time. (I'm working on a 10-plaque order)

    The carve time for the eagle is now down to under an hour each and batching them makes for less setup time (and less waste)

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    Looks great, Lawrence! The video is a plus...we all enjoy seeing videos, of course! Sorry I won't get to see you at this year's conference. Hopefully you will be able to attend next year.
    Michael T
    Happy Carving!

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