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    Was watching the American Woodworker on Saturday, Episode 613 if I remember correct.. It was Finishing Tips.... The one tip that slapped me on the side side of the head... Was 2 inch long Dowels sharpened in a pencil Sharpener and stuck into Rigid Insulation Foam and used to support a item being finished.... WOW.... What a GREAT idea.... Many may have seen it before but I thought it was worth mentioning..

    Thought I would pass it along.

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    I've been doing something similar for years. I have dowels sharpened and cut to 3" long. I take wood scrap and cut it into squares about 2"x2" and drill holes in all of it 1/2" deep with the drill press and glue in the dowels to use for finishing. I also have some finishing boards for odd occasions, like when I am finishing large scroll sawed letters and words. It's basically the same thing on a piece of mdf that is 2'x2' with the holes drilled 1" apart to make a kind of finishing grid. It's a great method, glad you brought it up. Much better than spending a fortune on the plastic painter's helpers.

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    I've got about 72 of the plastic Painter's Pals. I've also used scrap pieces with brad nails shot from the bottom and sticking up about 1.25"

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