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Thread: Tool safety

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    Default Tool safety

    Well I am not writing this for sympathy I just wanted all my friends to be safe I thought I was a very careful wood worker after all I have been working with saws and other wood working tools for a few years
    now. But all it takes is one error in judgment . I was sawing a a dado in a 2” dowel when it twisted or bound up or something, any way it pulled my hand into the blade I lost my left middle finger and
    my ring and little finger had to be fused. I still have limited use of my thumb and index finger. I am facing a month or so of therapy . All I am asking is for all of you to be ever alert and don’t let your
    guard down I thought it can’t happen to me. But like I said it only takes once. I also ask for your prayers for me and also my son Rick he just finished his third time of chemo and radiation for cancer.
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    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. And thank you for the wake up call. I say a little prayer every day, before I enter my shop. I will pray for your speedy recovery and for your son.
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    I'm sorry that that has happend to you, no one likes to see someone get hurt, Iv'e been a welder for 30 yrs and have seen some accidents happen that wasn't to pretty, I have seen on on three different occausions a total of 6 fingers lost in that time, one mistake is all it takes. I'm not trying to being a smart#*$.. there is two things that have been told to me that keeps ringing in my ears everytime I work with power tools... #1- keep yor hands away from moving parts... and this one that took awhile to set in and understand... made me angry when I heard it, usually when I got hurt..... #2 ....If your going to be dumb you gotta be tough... welders are a rough carractors and have a hard outer shell, but
    do care about people getting hurt...... I wish for a speedy recovery, for you and your son. again I'm sorry.

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    I am sorry to hear about you're accident, and especially you're son. Prayers done for both of you! Now you get well soon, Rick's depending on you...
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    Prayers and best wishes for you both.

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    My prayers are with your and your son. Accidents do happen, seen my share of them, others and also myself after being a machinist for 40 plus years. There is a device out there for table saws to will prevent the loss of fingers. I think its made by saw stop company. Check out this link for yourself and see if you think it's worth the few dollars over the cost of missing fingers. I think I'd rather have a nick than loose a finger. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a smart a$$, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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    I have to say Prayers and best wishes for you both. also I have been there but not as bad

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    Very sorry to hear what happen to you and about your son's cancer.

    You both will be in my prayers.
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    Don't live on the past mistake, look forward and have the courage to beat it. You are still alive and a world of enjoyment is still there. That is why it is call an accident, was not intentional, it happened. Prayers up for you and the family.
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    Hi Roughcut,

    I too, offer my condolences for you and your son. May both of you heal quickly!

    A few years ago, one of our forum moderators (Paul Kunkle) suffered an accident with his table saw (and posted some pics of the hand injury). He immediately invested in a SawStop table saw so it could not happen again. After I thought about his injury (and how it could possibly happen to me), I frequently discussed this with him for nearly two years, then I finally decided it was prudent to buy one as well. The peace of mind that I'll never lose an appendage is worth the price of admission alone, but it's also the best saw I've ever owned - very high quality, very accurate.

    I have had a couple naysayers comment, "Well, if the blade brake triggers, then it will cost you $70 each time to replace it, as well as the cost of a new blade". I reply, yes of course, but the alternative is unthinkable and many thousands more costly in medical expenses.

    If you get to the point where you'll want to replace your existing saw with a SawStop like Paul and I did, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have (and dispel any myths that may be floating around 'out there').
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