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    Default Texas - North Houston User's Group

    Saturday, March 16, 2013

    9:00 AM till Noon (approx.)

    Convenient Woodlands (Spring, Conroe, etc) location - easy to find
    E-mail or PM coordinator Bill Pratt. (not posting email address here)

    Group limited to 15 CW owners only, please.

    Most likely discussion topics:
    • How I got so much stuff in such a small space
    • Now that I own a machine how much does it cost me to use it
    • How I use jigs to do what I do
    • Dust removal
    • How I use the internet

    Posted for Bill Pratt.
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    CarversClub 1 Year Subscription - $150.00/year
    Adv. Support w/out CC membership - $25.00/issue
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    What a great idea. I will send you a message today and get directions!

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