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Thread: My First lithopane - WOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleCove View Post
    Really a nice carve.

    To make a lithophane, is Cast Acrylic the same as Corian? You mentioned Corian is a brand name, and I think that's it simply Cast Acrylic?
    Ok, I'll answer my own question.
    Upon further research, "Corian" is a brand name indeed, owned by DuPont, and invented about 46 years ago.
    There is certainly acrylic in Corian, but to say Corian = Acrylic, would not be true.
    Corian is a composite material, made up of more than one materials....primarily acrylic and alumina trihydrate.
    It's also my understanding, Corian only comes in 3 thicknesses, 6mm, 12mm, and 18mm.
    It's biggest competitor is Meganite....tho I haven't researched Meganite yet, to see how closely it would carve/cut, like Corian.

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    I often use LG's HI-MACS which is usually cheaper than corian but essentially the same thing. They both are designed to be cut using standard woodworking tools and shaped using standard routers and router tables. They can also be thermo-formed which is heating in a standard oven and then formed into curves and shapes. I am lucky because I have a friend who makes counter tops and he gives me scraps and sink cut outs. He uses pretty much only HI-MACS and seldom uses corian.

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