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Thread: ER11 Adapter for the CT

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    I did not have any problems when I ordered mine, but I have had other issues, I assume you purchased on Ebay. Let Ebay know of the problem and you will get some type of reply.

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    Hey Dan, any chance that you can get in contact with the supplier and have some more made up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwharris View Post
    Hey Dan, any chance that you can get in contact with the supplier and have some more made up?
    I know that this is an old question, but anyway...

    I have ordered a couple of 1/2" STRAIGHT SHANK ER11 COLLET CHUCK TOOL HOLDR EXTENSION HOLDER LENGTH 1.1" 676525016224 | eBay
    Could those fix the job for you?

    EDIT: I got the items today and of course, it was C1/2-ER11-28L, although it did not look like it in the picture on Ebay.
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