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Thread: double carve ?

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    Default double carve ?

    How about this........Ive been carving a tree of life for awhile now. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	60012A while back was the first time I saw it but what it did was almost like it carved it twice but shifted about 1/4" to the left on one of the carves. does that make since ? I use the same pattern each time I do this carve. after that carve I have used it again several times with out it happening. Then yesterday it did it again. I now know to watch for it. It shows up in the design software, but not every time. now Ill really get you to thinking. It only shows up when you rotate clockwise 90. any ideas ???????? I know its not 2 layers of the design.

    ok next issue.........

    When carving just about every design. the bit does great and smooth on the one side ( keyboard i think ) of the design....on the other side it leaves a it rough or furry. I usually carve on best with bit optimization varying. this happens on pine, oak and ash. oh and with a brand new 1/16 bit

    any help is appreciated. thanks y'all

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    This is what I think is causing your carving smooth on keyboard side with grain and rough on other side as bit spins against the grain.

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    I too have run into both of these issues over the years. As to the double carve, I believe that static electricity is the cause. My machine is now triple grounded. Additionally, I try not to handle the machine while it is doing a job. Lastly, I did away with my favorite brush to clear away dust from a carve. It was nylon and could get the machine to "jump" as much as 2.0 inches when I was carving some Azek (PVC) signs. If I need to touch the machine during a carve I (now) ground myself againt another one of my shop tools before I touch the CW. This really is not a CW issue, but rather a result of the sensivity of electronic media.

    As to the rough vs. smooth carve areas, this is the very nature of the wood itself. In addition to the CW I do a lot of hand carving. In hand carving, the first cut is always done to deter,ime which way the wood runs. Carving withe the grave will give a smooth cut. Against the grain will not. Withe hand carving I can turn the wood and come back from the other direction when I start to run against the grain. With any rotary cutter, you do not have that option. So, what is the solution? I use sanding mops (rough and smooth) on my finished pieces to flaten the grain where it has tried to lift. It is this lifting that also can result in chip out. A new (sharp) tool helps but does not eliminate this situation.

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