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Thread: Modification to Ringneck Blues DC Insert

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    Quote Originally Posted by chief2007 View Post
    Floyd - Got the High Volume DC-INSERT. I love how Beefy it is. Think I will be ordering another at some point.

    I am working it up on my A model test machine so I can see it I can mount it without cutting the lid using the Magnetic switches. The switches in my preliminary test work great so far with the cover switch. Will be testing the Cut motor side next.

    Thanks sir! Looking forward to how you make out with the switches...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwharris View Post
    ... If they did not want us to use it they would not of put it on the machine.
    Ha! Yeah - like the Edge Route function (Sears made 'em do that one!)

    The Red Handle can stop the head from rising during use. I don't know how many folks actually have that problem, but it can be a good thing (I guess!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digitalwoodshop View Post
    Question? Do you have a Ground wire between the CW Frame and the Dust Collector Frame or is the frame floating not grounded and the plastic sticks? Just curious?
    The plastic sticks. I hadn't thought about that aspect of it. I'll have to give the grounding a try in this case to see if it alleviates the problem. The shop I had in my last house had an extensive DC system with hoses, piping, and gates to every machine. All of them were wired for grounding. When I moved to this house I researched the grounding issue extensively and concluded (for myself) that it isn't necessary for the amount of loose dust/shavings I generate. By that I mean I have to be very fastidious in my shop since the HVAC system is the same one that serves my entire house and if I let lots of dust sit/float around my shop, it ends up on the TV screen and dining room table. Whenever I am in my shop I run an air scrubber in addition to a DC so there is very little dust to clean up anyway. I have seen sanding dust fires and I am confident that the conditions that would cause one are not present in my shop. That said, I have large fire extinguishers at both ends of my shop. YMMV

    BTW, I do all my painting in the garage, not in my shop.


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