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Thread: Where is AskBud?!

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    Tugs at my heart every time I am reminded of Neil Harbison (Askbud). I never met him in person, but I could still hear his voice. "hi Connie, this is bud".
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    I have the same reaction Connie as I watch and re-watch his tutorials when I've forgotten a technique. For one of my first projects years ago I couldn't figure out a way to make the software create what I needed. Bud spent half an hour on the phone with me patiently coaching me and after we finished he took the time to make a screen show video of what we had reviewed to help others. I immediately watched it and even picked up a few steps that were fuzzy for me the first time through. We do miss him every week.
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    Default Where is AskBud?!

    Not only is Bud extremely helpful but if he knows you're having a problem he practically begged you to call him. He will be missed.
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    I know it's long time this happened... I haven't seen the "in Memoriam" thread until now.

    Askbud gone... that makes me sad... Cannot stop wondering how he was as person, probably as warmhearted and always helpful, just like he was in here... I can still hear his voice on his instructional videos. Thanks for all you've done for us other carvers.
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    I have been here very little in the last 18 months or so. I was trying to find some information and looked for AskBud as I remembered his posts. I found this thread and am adding my condolences. Sad indeed.

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    Damn it all. I just discovered AskBud is gone from our world. He has helped me off and on since 2007 and was always patient with me. I have not spent much time on the forums for several years. I am very sorry he is gone and miss his counsel. I hope his loved ones are doing okay. Sad news this is for all of us.
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