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    Mr. Ball passed away on Dec. 20th from a massive heart attach. He was about to register his new CarveWright machine (his third machine).

    Although he was not a very "vocal" member of the forum, he checked the forum frequently from Dec. 2008 until earlier this month.
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    Thanks for the post on Eddie. His wife called me this afternoon to inform me of his sudden passing. I had the pleasure of speaking with Eddie several times about design and machine questions. He was looking forward to getting his new machine. Mrs. Ball did let me know she had already called and talked with the CarveWright folks about what to do with his new machine and was very glad and relieved that you are making arrangements to have it picked up and getting a credit back on the purchase. She was very pleased with how well she was treated by the great folks at LHR.

    Prayers for the Ball family...
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