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    Hi, I bought my machine almost 2 yrs ago, and due to illness havent used it. I am now ready to start again, however when I try and follow the turtorial your first product, I open the carvewright, choose new, but when I click on the pattern tool nothing comes up? is there any place to start from scratch?, I also purchased the pattern editor, not sure why or what to do with it. If anyone can point me in ther right direction I would greatly apprecitate it. Trying to learn

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    If I remember right you have to extract the patterns first. It is one of the choices under the tools pull down in the designer software. In Windows in your Carvewright Directory there is a listing for favorites​ that is where your patterns are stored. In the designer software when you choose Pattern under the tools menu a box will open on the right side of the screen with the available patterns. You should have all of the patterns that came with the software. I hope this helps you.

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    Click on the + sign next to BASIC to open that folder. That is where you will find the shell that is used in the first Step-by-Step Design Project.
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