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Thread: Why can't I just jog to position to start cutting without all the length measurement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastcutty View Post
    Odd- I just checked my profile to see when I first signed up and it says June of this year! I know I've been on here in years past, I think I probably had to re-submit if I forgot my password or formerly signed in as Airplay5162 (my email). I actually don't remember.

    Anyway, I sincerely apologize to you, Bud, Carol on Facebook, and any/everyone who reads that post for the aptly-described-as tirade. I just couldn't get over how a function like manually controlling the cutting head position would be missing from the options menu. It seemed like common sense to me, although I do understand the need to automate by default for safety (and other) reasons.

    In response to your side note, I do have a pretty fair amount of experience with my machine, both good and bad. I mean that as: made newbie mistakes that required replacing broken bits, gears with broken teeth, re-locating the traction belts, etc., and service such as removing, cleaning, modifying and re-installing the board sensor, etc over the years- but learning all the while how NOT to need to do that again! LOL I also have developed some techniques over time that allow me to produce some very realistic portaits, for example, as well as the usual array of cool thru to impressive carvings using the available libraries of patterns (though I'm going bonkers trying to create depth-mapped images to use as patterns from a combination of Attachment 55236Attachment 55237GIMP 2.8 and CW Designer at the moment). Attachment 55234Attachment 55235 Here are a few examples to offer.Attachment 55238Attachment 55239Attachment 55240Attachment 55241
    Most machines that cost 2, 3, or more times as much as the CarveWright have tables (Z-Axis) on which you bolt the project board. However they have table limits on size.

    It would appear that LHR chose to give this hobby machine a little more flexibility, on the X-axis, by having the project board be its own moving table. Thus the use of the brass roller concept. This also gave us the ability to perform longer length carves that lots of these other units could not accomplish. This is the premise that led me to suggest rail, jigs and sleds. At present, this may be your best solution.

    I'll not bring up the point again. I just wanted to give you my best response.
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