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Thread: 3D Heightmap Face Creation

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    This is some pretty amazing stuff you are doing Alan. Just stumbled over to your site looking for some of the old tutorials you had posted and I saw what you were doing. I bopped over here because I wanted to make sure you were letting everyone know! If you didn't, I was.

    I'm surprised you haven't had any comments on this yet.. maybe this is the proper forum to list a service but I suspect many users aren't noticing it so you need to find some way that shares your talents in one of the more frequented forums..

    I'm going to check out the plans to make the projector and then find a suitable subject

    Curious, would animals like a cat or dog be suitable if you could get them to pose?

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    The structured light doesn't really work good on hair like pets fur. It works good on skill which can be illuminated easily. This technique does work very well but it also takes a lot of work to get the final product. But I am out here if anyone is interested.

    I have this advice on my web site: Not all faces make good 3D images. If a face doesn't have distinguishing features, then it may be hard to recognize from any other facial image. A 3D representation of a face without any color in it may look completely different than you think it does. Just like when you see a statue of someone familiar and it takes a minute to recognize its distinguishing features. At this point if you are not happy with the image you can still get your money back. I should also point out that ears don't carve out that well due to the overlapping contour.

    When you take the color out of a face it can end up looking like any other face. But on the other hand some faces will be very distigiushable and work out really well.

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    I've lowered the price for making the basic Face Mask to $20. Face Mask patterns can be used along with other patterns.


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