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Thread: techniques or troubleshooting you decide

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    Default techniques or troubleshooting you decide

    I was not too sure where to post this so considering it is not machine related and forum related i thought i would put it here if it is the wrong spot can a moderator please put it where it should be.

    there have been a few people suggest they have been having problems logging into the forum and after they enter their username and password they are sent to the index but still does not show they are logged in.

    well after i read about this i noticed it started happening to me.

    now a normal person would just relog in and not think anything of, but noooooooooo I can't be normal can I (just ask my wife LOL)

    the reason I like to log in is too see the new posts without having to sort thru everything i read the last time I was here, on the top right of the index page there is a link and it says "view posts since last visit"

    well even though after you try to log in and it says you are not and you do it again it does not show any new posts because somehow they thought you just logged in, go figure.

    well for the people out there like me I know there might be a few, I suggest you try this.

    instead of logging in where it says "LOG IN"

    click the one that says "LOG IN TO CHECK FOR NEW MESSAGES"

    I have found that not only does it log you in the first time but then on the left when you click " forum index" it will show you logged in and then you can click into a specific forum or view the new posts.

    it is an extra step but it has been working for me.

    and now back to your regular program


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    Tim, you're not alone & that's a good tip. CW is looking at new (better) forum software and it will alleviate the other problems too. A little more time and everything will be perfect.
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    Do it on a Mac.
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    I had the same problem and did what you are doing for a while. Now I just let it "remember me" (at least on my home computer) so I don't have to log in anymore at all.

    If you do let it remember you you need to make sure you re-bookmark the web page after you log on, if you added it to your favorites/bookmarks

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