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    I installed new designer software on a new cpu. Unfortunately I had a catastrophic failure with the old cpu I was running the older version of designer on. But now I get a "project error 56" when I try to run a project I just wrote using the new designer software version 1.183. I think it might be the firmware on memory card?? I have firmware version 1.128. Anyone know how to get the correct firmware version? I removed and installed the designer software 2x with the same project error. Any help is greatly appreciated, I need to start a new shadow box asap. Thanks.

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    you can update the firmware online at

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    at least that's where I did... but I can't seem to find it now...

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    I saw a thread yesterday that I am looking for now. There was a complaint that firmware .128 was with the designer .183.
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    I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM ! Updated to 1.183, yet firmware went from 1.177 (I think, if I remember right) (maybe 1.117, but don't think so)to 1.128. Tried numerous times to update to newest firmware via CarveWright site, and 1.128 appears to be it. "project error (-56)" is exactly how the error message appears on my machine. Please help- I have a birthday gift to make that needs to be done by Saturday noon, and a local shop is interested in taking some of my custom pieces for sale on consignment- and suddenly, THIS happens.
    What the heck IS error 56, anyway?

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    1.184 has been released, update to that and re-flash your firmware

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    I kept getting that error until I ran it as administrator.

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    If you are updating from 1.182 or any earlier version, you HAVE to follow the special instructions where you first remove the old installation, then install (with "Run As Administrator" if you are Windows 7 or Vista). Also a good idea to restart your computer.

    Here is the link:

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