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    Ran one board tonight and went to run the second and keep getting a close cover error on the screen. Nothing is stopping the cover from closing all the way and have tried turning off and then back on and still the same problem. Any advise??? Please and thankyou in advance

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    There are switches on the left and right side of the cover hinge that are visible when the cover is open. I believe the switch on the left controls the "close cover" message. I usally blow compressed air (lightly) into each switch during cleanup and haven't had a problem...
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    check the cut motor switch,it's on the right hand side.up underneath the top cover. sometimes it saw dust,so blow it of with compressed air. If you have alot cut hours on your machine ,you may have to replace the switch.

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    I have found that ig you push a pencil in lightly, with the cover open, if the close cover goes out it is a dirt switch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ladjr View Post
    I have found that ig you push a pencil in lightly, with the cover open, if the close cover goes out it is a dirt switch.

    It could also be that the switch just needs to be moved fordard/outward slightly. You did not state which chuck you have. It could be a vibration issue, also check the tab, on the clear cover, to be sure it is a mirror of the one on the right. Another quick check would be to run a strip of masking tape down the clear cover, near the keyboard side, and secure it to the black frame. If this resolves the problem, move the switch.
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    Default Cover switch

    Need some help please. The close cover warning comes on but the switch is fine. Checked it with my ohm meter. It worked just fine last time I used it. Any ideas.

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