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Thread: Newbie's first design project

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    Thank you all for the compliments. Always encouraging to hear kind words from the experienced ones.

    I see I owe Gary (Old Salt) an apology. I had in my mind that you said your name on the forum was Saltydog. Not sure why that stuck in my mind. But appreciate you getting me started with this machine. My wife might have a different opinion with the late nights but she is reaping the benefits also. Making a shelf for her next.

    To answer Gregsolano's question....I had actually started and almost had this project done before I saw the heart box project that was posted a while back. Would have been a lot easier to use it and is a very nice looking box but as it worked out I was able to tell the girls this is a one of kind box made just for them. Each one had a different heart quote on the bottom that I felt went along with their life at this time. Everything was done from scratch except the rose pattern was downloaded from this forum and of course the design at the top came with the basic software.

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    Very, Very Nice. Sometimes we can put to wood what we have a hard time saying with our voice.
    Again ,terrific job.

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    I can only say that I wish my first project had turned out half as nicely as your first ones did. Beautiful work Sir and a hearty welcome to the Forum. We'll look forward to your future projects.
    Fair winds,

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