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Thread: Back port (DB25)?

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    Default Back bport

    The port is for a manual controller. I was on ebay lookng at controllers and found some with that extra port that identified as a port for a hand controller or even a joystick

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    I found a 1 meter long ribbon cable so that I could relocate the LCD Keypad where I want. The downside is I had to buy a bundle of them so I now have a few extras. If anyone is interested, I have a couple that I would like to sell, but if I don't at least I have spares for my setup and if I add any more Carvewrights to my shop. Then again, if I get another Carvewright I'll probably convert it to LinuxCNC to match the rest of the shop and not be dependent on what functionality LHR gives me the privilege of buying.

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    I too need/want to do this except I need the LCD *and* the keyboard to be detachable so I can mount it in a position where I can see it and use the keys.

    Since I have to use a Sound Proof room to keep complaining neighbors off my back, my second machine fits in the room with the LCD/Keyboard too close to the door so that I have to open the door to read the screen and use the keyboard.

    I thought about just removing the whole control panel and making a box for it. The ribbon cable would have to be extended but since I'm an Electronics nerd, that wouldn't be too difficult but I worry that it might introduce noise into the electronics. Guess I could try it and see how it goes.

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