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  • Early May

    12 22.22%
  • Mid to Late June

    13 24.07%
  • Doesn't Matter - I will try to be there whenever it is.

    14 25.93%
  • Doesn't Matter - I can't make it.

    15 27.78%
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Thread: 2012 CarveWright Conference - Poll

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    I will vote for mid june this year. Maybe I can bring my wife (she is a teacher) as school is out for summer. But in the long run it doesn't matter, I will be there when ever it is held. I learned so much from the meeting last year that I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and learning new ideas this year.
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    Very true Steve ... hopefully the entire middle of the country isn't flooded this year.

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    Smile Conference

    I just purchased my carvewright, but look forward to all conferences, universities, etc. I have been involved with the arts and have experienced numerouse conferences within my field of study as well within my full time employment. If you are looking for an all inclusive place to hold your confernece that includes conference space, workshop areas, parking, living quarters, dining hall and centrally located within the United States that will be conducive for all attendees than I might have the perfect place for you. Have you ever considered the Arrowmont School of Arts in Gatlinbug, Tennessee. I have attended a conference there before and enjoyed all apsects that it had to offer. This would be an excellent opportunity to introduce the product to a new venue and possibly get on their schedule of events. They rent out their facilities to groups at a nominal fee and can house a small group up to a large group or complete conference. Just a thought. I live in Louisiana and would make that trip with no problem. Their web site is

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    Sure would like to see the conference more centrally located though.

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    I voted for June as well. By June both the university I work and and our local school system are done.
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    I voted for early May, but have changed my mind. June is starting to sound pretty good to me too!
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    I'm with Jeff and Michael .... I know things will be much easier for some other folks as well.

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    Either May or June is good for me, and I too vote for the "NO FLOODED CENTRAL US OPTION" because then I won't have to beg for time away from FEMA. Even last year was touch and go right up to the week in Pasadena and then I was off for three months duty in Tennessee as the floods moved South. I do like the suggestion of the Arrowmont School of Arts in Gatlinbug, Tennessee, although that would prevent any chance to tour the factory for new attendees and put the travel burden on your home team. It's gonna be great again no matter where or when. Sign me up Lynnfrwd!
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    I voted no go... I just don't get excited about Flying anymore.... I would be a 2 seater too... so double the ticket cost... LOL....

    The Video Option if done right is the ticket to me... One where audience questions are picked up by "Hot Mikes" setup in the Seating Area... Nothing like getting the answer and not knowing the question... Something like that could be made to pay for itself in DVD Sales... A year round item in the store that would peek the interest to new users... Even a video of the "Famous" Tours...

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    I would like to see the conference in early may.

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