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    Default Jersey NewB

    Here you go another NewB to add to the mix.

    A little background: I have been an Instructor (IT and Logistics) for the past 28 years (with hobbies that included woodworking, automotive, construction, and off-roading), due to a disability I had to surrender to an early “retirement”. I am hoping that this machine will let me have the opportunity to still do woodworking with some level of craftsmanship that I am unable to perform on my own any longer.
    I received my CC in the beginning of November and have been experimenting with it and exploring the Forum ever since. I have learned quite a bit from the users on this Forum so far, and hope to expand my knowledge of this machine and its capabilities further in the future.
    I have found that if I have a problem or question with my machine, or something that I might be doing wrong, that if I check on the Forum first I don’t have to call for support. (Especially if I feel my question is off the wall, or that I might be doing something like an id10t) I have found that a lot of questions that I have had so far are not uncommon. I have had various Z and X Axis Errors/Stalls as well as “Load Board” Errors, along with some “Air Carving”. So far I have found all the answers or reasons to my issues on the forum.
    I also wanted to say a quick Thank You to a hand full of Members (mainly; “AskBud”, “DigitalWorkshop” (aka. Who’s Al) and “LitteRedWorkshop”) for all that they have commented on in the Forum. Also to Connie at CW for going above and beyond for a NewB (trying to find another user local to me for added support).

    Again, just another NewB.

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    Welcome to the CW/CC/LHR family.

    We are all here to help you in any way we can to move forward with your machine.

    Looking forward to seeing some of yur carvings posted on the forum.

    You have had some very good members so far that has helped you out. Fine fine fellows.
    Connie hands down is one great person.

    There is just so much you can do with this machine as you know.
    Happy Carving

    Robert D.

    CarveWright START U Team Member.

    The mightiest oak in the forest is just a little nut
    that held it's ground.

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