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Thread: New Scanning Probe NIB and Full Bit Set NIB - both for sale

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    Default New Scanning Probe NIB and Full Bit Set NIB - both for sale

    I have a Scanning Probe in the box, never touched;

    and a Full Bit Set.

    If interested in either, or both, email me to make a fair offer.

    If you send some lowball stupid offer I won't respond. They are factory new.


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    Keep in mind that the Pattern Editor Software, once activated, is NON-TRANSFERABLE. It doesn't matter that the Probe has "never been used" or NIB. So, the cost of the probe should reflect that someone has to buy Pattern Editor for $199.99.
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    I'm aware and I would assume that a purchaser making an offer would be aware as well. But thanks for the heads up. Sometimes I think people don't do their due diligence prior to a purchase. Wise words.

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