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Thread: NEED HELP!!! - Demo in Plymouth, MN tomorrow!!

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    Default NEED HELP!!! - Demo in Plymouth, MN tomorrow!!

    If there is anyone who could make it to Plymouth, MN for a CarveWright demo in an Acme Tools store starting tomorrow morning at 8:00am please send me a message ASAP!!! This is a paying demo for 2 days at the store. Send me a message here, at, or call us at 713-473-6545 and ask for Joe.
    Joe Lovchik
    Marketing Director

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    No offense, but who in Hell wants to go to Minnesota in December?

    On second thought, maybe the folks in Hell would LOVE to go to MN in December.

    Sorry - I'm a believer in the adage "If you can't contribute something productive, contribute something".
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