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Thread: Finished my first litho and thought I would share.

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    Default Finished my first litho and thought I would share.

    A couple of weeks ago I finished my first attempt at making a litho. Not only was it my first litho but it was also one of the few projects I have made using a completely original design. I have done several other projects on the machine using some of the projects purchased from the CarveWright store. I have also finished some of the projects I have downloaded from the gallery on here. This was one of the few attempts I have made using work that was entirely pieced together on my own and it really felt like stepping out for me. I am happy to say that I feel like the results are great and I really have a whole new level of confidence with the software and the machine.

    I learned allot along the way. Thank you to all the members of the forum for all of the various, very detailed, instructions and tips I found on here about how to do things. You guys helped me make this project possible and I'll bet you didn't even know you were helping me did you?

    I don't know how to thank everyone who took their time to post the helpful comments and articles. There just isn't much I can do or say other than to show off the results of my project as proof that, with the help that the generous forum members have graciously posted on here, it really is possible for just about anyone, including me, to make incredible projects. So thank you all!

    I added the pictures to a gallery on my own profile on the forums, hopefully you guys can see them here:

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    Nice job Dale! The CW users and makers do make the difference in this hobby or business of ours.
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    Nice job, like how the LED's change colors........thanks for showing off your work.


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