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Thread: 1/16 in. straight cutting tool

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    Default 1/16 in. straight cutting tool

    Has anyone ever used a 1/16" straight cutting bit? If so, where did you get the bit and what is the max. cutting depth per pass you would recommend. I have a need to cut repetitive parts from the same 1/8 to 1/4 thick board mounted in a sled and I want to reduce the waste to a minimum.

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    Default this would be the place to start looking. Ron will make a bit for you.

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    It was posted that the 1/16" cutting bit was out of stock a few days ago and so may still be. I believe the LOC is 1/4" .

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    I have had success with the 1/16 end mill bit. I am still using the same one that I cut in half form a 6 inch long version used on my Star 912 rotary engraver years ago. It is the one on the top of the bit picture with no locking ring as I only use one bit when using it.

    I use double stick tape to hold the sheet on a carrier board.

    I was having trouble at first, one was a worn Y Bearing letting the teeth slip when under extreme pressure or resistance... Fixed the Bearing then the plastic was being pushed on the tape while I was cutting. I was using a rectangle with rounded corners and assigning the 1/16 inch end mill bit and setting a depth. NO Tabs as they would fracture the edge of the tag making a defect. The Tape worked better.

    What I found was the cut path on the rectangle had 2 speeds.... 1st gear on the corners and 2nd gear on long areas. The 2nd gear was the problem... The Feed Rate was faster than my 1/16th end mill could clear a path and was pushing the plastic...

    Lynn gave me a tip... IF I assigned the 1/4 inch bull nose to all the cut paths without tabs and setting the depth to the thickness of the material, 1/8 inch, and actually install the 1/16th bit.... It would cut in 1st gear only..

    That worked.... That turned my business around as 2 sided tags were not available for purchase but 2 sided sheet stock was... This led me to my finest two sided Photo Accountability Tag.

    I am still planning to make a vacuum sled... to eliminate the tape.

    Good Luck in your adventure....

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