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    While into a project the cut out motor stops cold while X, Y and Z continue to do their thing with no problem. When I tap the rear of the machine the motor will restart and either complete the carve or stall again. Eliminated the cover safety cut out switches. Problem started after I serviced machine, new Y motor, and replaced motor brushes. Disassembled and double checked and cannot find anything visually wrong. Cut out motor has 658hours on it. I also see the LED display adding division signs in place of letters (eg., Ca++in+ patt+rn) since service. Can someone give me some troubleshooting ideas. Am I due for a new motor? Did I crunch something during servicing?

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    First post, 658 cut hours. Must be a used machine. That would be the end of life for the 3rd set of cut motor brushes... Replace the Cut Motor Brushes. Order from LHR.

    Open cover and blow out the dust.

    The broken off C1 Cap on the X Termination Board under the machine can cause this too.

    I would repair the cut out switch. Joining the 9 digit club is harder to type on the keyboard with 9 fingers. When the X Termination Board Cap 1 fails, the cut motor can start without a signal from the computer as in while you are changing the bit... With a broken C1 Cap, I documented 2 years ago when I had 3 of 4 machines all have a broken C1 Cap. Just by tapping on the cover of the machine you could make the cut motor start and stop. Safety First. The vibrating QC caused the Cap to snap.

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    purchased new Apr 2010... use quite a bit... I just finished my 200 hour service of the machine when prob began.. cleaned, lubed, replaced y motor, brushes (3rd set), and flex shaft (2nd one).. I blow the motor out every two weeks or so. Problem turned out to be a rattling safety cutout switch in cover... I modified my dust vacuum system during servicing and the extra draw was activating the cutout which was vibrating from the vacuum... strange little prob; easy ficks.. thanks for your assistance on this..

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