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Thread: Free 30-day Trial Version of CW Project Designer

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    Default Free 30-day Trial Version of CW Project Designer

    You can download the CarveWright Project Designer Software and play with it for 30 days before it requires registration.

    Click here to download FREE 30-day Trial Version. It works on Windows or MAC!

    Please follow these special installation instructions ESPECIALLY if you are using VISTA or WINDOWS 7.

    These STEP-BY-STEP DESIGN PROJECTS can very quickly have you designing projects like a pro.
    CarveWright CX Packaged System - starting at $2000
    CarversClub 1 Year Subscription - $150.00/year
    Adv. Support w/out CC membership - $25.00/issue
    CarveWright Community Forum - PRICELESS!

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    I forget, can you save files you create with the demo? (If you can then users could have customers or friends create the mpc and then carve it for them.)

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    I think so but as you know the idea is to let people who want to buy a new CNC but hate the all the expesive cad cam software to try a Carvewright. " worked for me" some of the 2.5 D programs can't even handel small 3D STLs without slowing the PC down to a grinding halt. Designer is fast.

    I was shocked how truly bad the desktop CNC software choices are for people. Designer's is Carvewright and LHR 's "ace in a hole."
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    +1 to all-- I've given several folks the link to the designer demo and they were impressed, very impressed.


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