Jeff, I live over by Warsaw, Mo and just looking for the time to get together with someone. I am one of those not so puter bright with sooo many questions. Too much on this forum are words way over my head, just simple minded, and at the very beginning of talks I am lost. I seem to learn so much more from watching how something is done then reading words I don't understand. Some woodworking plans I have to read for days till the light bulb comes on where I understand the language the writer is using. Kind of like a professor designs a jet, college grad flys the jet, and a high school grad maintains the jet. If a get together happen in Mo, I would VERY MUCH try and go. I wanted and looked into going down to Texas for the get together, but once I looked into my funds, was not possible. Yes, I have thought about contacting you and a few others for a visit to pick brains. Even Yellville Arkansas providing I get a green card. (Smillie Face inserted) So yes, I would try to go on a MO mind cruncher.

Oh yea, I am just a high school grad, but then again I retired at age 48!!