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Thread: What was your favorite part of conference?

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    Default What was your favorite part of conference?

    Mine was meeting all of the people!
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    My favorite part was the networking and discussions that went on during breaks, lunch and in the evenings! I learned all kinds of great stuff and made some great friends.

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    Thumbs up Cw conference

    IF YOU DID NOT COME ,YOU MISSED ALOT.. meeting other cavers and experts in there field and share ideas. I meet alot great guys and gals. My brain is still in overdrive because I did not realize I own a great machine . There is no limit to what it can produce. See Ya NEXT YEAR

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    Is next year here yet ... I can't wait.

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    I was so overwhelmed with all the Carvoholics i met. so many talented carvers to talk to and share ideas with. and the enthusiasm was off the chart, .
    I made a lot of friends on this trip and will be back again.

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    I really enjoyed all the presentations and being shown how easy it is to use the software available from CW. It gave me so many ideas of what I can create with this amazing machine. I really enjoyed talking to and meeting so many creative people. I think we may need to have three days next year!! Now to digest all of it and practice what I have learned so next year I can learn even more at the conference.
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    Myshop here,
    Yes the putting the faces with names was great, Skeeterman and I have done Corian business together and have never met. I enjoyed his company.
    Robert D and I met about 4 yrs ago in Austin, Tx. during a woodworking trade show and it was because of him I got my machine. The funny thing was, during the START U classes is where we figured out we had met before.

    The best was the talking and trading carving hints during the breaks.

    I am ready to try the new carving materials, all I have to do is get my machine back from LHR soon.

    Now when I do some traveling across the country I will have some carvers to stop and visit with, Conroe Tx, Dallas area , North Arkansaw, Greely Colorado and so on.

    Over all, the conference was great, a whole lot of people enjoying one special machine.

    Thanks again to all of you who put this conference together, looking forward to next year.

    Anyone traveling thru South Louisiana, drop me a line and we pass a good time and eat some very good Cajun food and maybe drink some good shine.

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    First and foremost is meeting and being able to shake the hands of all those who I've traded posts, emails and phone calls with.

    Meeting Chis, Joe, Connie, Lori and the rest of the LHR staff. All great folks who took the time to answer any questions I had. Spending time with Chris and talking about the machine and seeing his excitement with each question.

    Seeing Chis's eyes light up when I told him "instead of telling the lady from Alaska about the flop sanding disks, take here to the play room and show her". Off they went with her poplar board to the shop and made some dust!!

    Listening to everyone sharing their ideas and tips on using the machine. The Carveaholics were very busy with all the newbies that attended.

    Finding out that a good number of people who have had the machine for a year or more being told GET IT OUT OF THE BOX!!! There was many who have not fired it up but I bet by the end of this next week they will be making dust.

    Calling home and letting the better half know that "yes dear you were right"!!!
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    Default The adventure continues…

    This is my slightly sappy synopsis of the conference. I posted it to my website this morning but thought I would copy it over here as well as it was a great experiance and I hope more people will be able to attend next year.

    It is hard to believe that it has been more than 5 years since I first got myCarveWright. Now, five years is a life age for high tech devices, so it is outstanding that my machine now works better and has greater capabilities thanever before. There have been improvements and enhancements in both the hardwareand software of the machine over the years. Such things as the CarveTight chuckand rubber feed-belts combined with a host of new software features have essentially reinvigorated my CarveWright.

    This past week I was fortunent to be able attend the 'First Annual CarveWrightConference' in Houston, Texas. While I was quite happy to be asked to give a couple classes about the Pattern Editor, it was the opportunity to meet so many CW aficionados and the staff from LHR that really made the trip wonderful. It was stimulating to be in a room with 100 other folks who are so enthusiastic about the CarveWright system. The opportunity to get to know so many great Carveaholics and put faces to forum names was priceless.

    There were presentations on the machine covering operation and maintenance, presentations on software covering not only products from CarveWright but also 3rd party packages, presentations on finishing techniques and presentations on making a business out of your carving passion. In addition to all of that there was also an entire room with many fantastic user made projects on display, the talent and creativity of the creators was evident and truly inspiring.

    Just as the improvements to the CarveWright’s hardware and software has had the effect of reinvigorating my machine, I found the the fellowship provided by the conference has reinvigorated my spirit. That same excitement I felt when first unboxing my CarveWright and running my first project has been renewed. Sharing ideas with other folks opens the mind to new possibilities. The CarveWright adventure continues…
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    First of all:THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chris L, Joe L, Connie, Lori, Mary, Chris R, Barry, and ALL of the rest of the people at Carvewright, and guest speakers, for putting together a conference that was PRICELESS!
    Just to share a very little of my experience.Wednesday mornriving up to the building, I was not impressed. It was not a big, fancy, high maintenance place that I expected. Grassroots!
    We were greeted by the smiling face of Lori[not sure that I'm spelling it right], brought togather with aprox. 9 other members of the Carve U. group.[More on that to come]Meetings with Joe L and Connie R. which were very informative and enlightening. IDEAS!IDEAS!IDEAS! and Grassroots!
    Then came the really fun part, Joe said "Let me give you folks the tour"No fancy this or that.Grassroots!
    The shop:[This is my favorite part] We were led down an isleway about 50' long to a room in the back of the shop where this guy was working on trying to push the Carvewright to its limit to se where and when it cannot go and then fix it. Research and development if you will[My kind of place]Lets pick this guys brain![Please refer to photos on Little Red Woodshop, I'm the bald guy by the way,and not very photogenic]Anyway, I walked out of that room with my questions answered and new ideas! Someone said "Do you know who that was?" The Big Guy! CEO! Wearing bluejeans ,sweating, sawdust all over, hands dirty, working to improve the product that he developed. Grassroots. Needless to say, I was impressed.Grassroots!
    This was just the begining of a terrific three days for me, learning,networking,making news friends for life.
    The point that I do want to make here is this company is not an all frills type company. They are here to help us and asist us with our problems .All we have to do is ask.Its is just getting started and there are a LOT of new things coming in future.We are only on the ground floor, grassroots if you will.
    The train is gettin ready to leave the station so get on board! I got a feelin that itsgoing to be a fun ride.
    Again, Thanks to all at Carvewright! It was terrific!

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