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Thread: Show off stuff you've made (not only with CW)

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    It's not all that bad, you can get started with slimline pens easy enough. You need a lathe, the grizzly sounds like a fine starter machine. A mandrill, grizzly appears to be a 3/4" 16 tpi which is common enough and what I have on my PSI lathe. That will set you back about $35 and will have a set of 7mm spacers already on it for your slimline pens. I would go ahead and spend about ten bucks on some spare 7mm bushings, you will go through them at first. You already have sand paper I'm sure, and probably have plenty of wood scrap to make pen blanks with to start out. I would get some micromesh, about $20 if you don't get the pad type. For a very easy finishing product to start with, get some shellawax, it does a fantastic job and holds up very well to use, will cost you about $35. For the pen kits, just get the ecoline pen kits. They are very cheap, about 2 bucks a pen, and honestly have held up as well for me as the more expensive slimline pen kits. That's pretty well it in a nutshell. From there you can just expand over time to make other pens and other items. I sell about 300 pens a year at $20-$80 each, so it can pay for itself in time, once you get good at it's a great way to use up exotic wood scraps!

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    I agree with all the comments about pen making. I have been building furniture for a long time and it can take weeks on a part time basis to get something that looks like anything, but a pen is done in about an hour. I went to a "free" pen making class at woodcraft about 15 years ago and after coming home with about $100 worth of stuff (already had the lathe, thank God), I started turning pens and haven't looked back. Great gifts, have sold a ton of them and just enjoy the break from bigger projects. Lots of suppliers and choices. Half the fun is finding new sources of materials and works. Some of my latest are attached.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryT View Post
    Nice work Mathman. I really like the truck. Well done.
    Thanks! It helped having a good paint and body man - and one that let me work on it with him at his shop.

    And this is my first attempt at scroll saw work:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That was one of those projects that kept growing as I went - other than having three shelves it bears almost no resemblance to what I had initially designed. So much for drawing out plans...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmoriearty View Post
    Capt, when you are ready to try a hand a pen turning, don't let yourself get flustered with all the videos and information out there, most of it is garbage. I buy my supplies from, they are fantastic people and have some very nice stuff. They also resale PSI supplies cheaper than PSI will sell to us for. I used to spend about 8k a year with PSI and they wouldn't cut me a deal on big orders, so I switched. Hit me up if you have any pen turning questions, we've been doing them for 3 generations....4 counting my son.
    Jmoriearty and others,

    Thanks for the kind advice and tips on pen crafting. That new hobby will have to await my upcoming retirement but it looks like such a natural fit to what the CarveWright does so well for matching fitted cases and bases. Thanks for all you've shared Gents.
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    Dangit capt, I hadn't even thought of that. Man I need to get into this pen turning.

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Name:	larsen music.jpg 
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ID:	81171 A few of my Carvewright carves.

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    Good job halftone. Nice detail.

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    Very cool. I especially like the man cave one.

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    All three are excellent carves and finishes. Hope we will be seeing more of your work in the future.

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    Outstanding work, halftone! Beautiful job on all.
    Michael T
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