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    I have a Craftsman CompuCarve for sale. I purchased it a few years ago and find that I never have time to use the machine. Still like the idea of it though, so have been sitting on it for some time waiting for 4 or 5 more hours in a day...

    Serial AF.XXX.XXX
    Cut Motor Time 4hrs 21min
    Servo Time 4hrs 55min
    Scanning 0hrs 0min

    I have the original two bits, bit tool, card reader, card, dust collector / muffler.
    I just replaced the power supply with the upgraded unit. When I was doing this I noticed one of the rubber feet is missing from the bottom.

    Update: The unit has sold.
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    Does this machine have the new chuck On it if it don't I will send you a private message for final offer

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    Sorry, the unit has sold.

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