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    Hey Educators!!!

    I just thought I would post some information on a software package that I recently got to test. This software package is not ours, but if you are wanting something easy to use to create STL files for CO2 cars, you may want to look into this.

    This is a browser based application, so you will need to have an internet connection to use it. I was able to create my own test car using the browser based software application, in about 10 to 15 minutes. Its really simple to use, and is pretty straight forward. I like it. Definitely one of the easier ways that I have designed a car.

    The car that I designed was saved as an STL file, which I was able to import using the CO2 importer, without an issue. When using this to design your cars, it not only gives the mass of the car, but also allows for you to select different block materials, axle types, wheel types, bearing types, etc. There is also an area in which you can do a virtual race of the car, to theoretically see how it is going to perform.

    So, if you guys are wanting to get into the CO2 dragsters, and don't know which modeling software to use to create the cars, I would recommend give this software a test. I enjoyed using it, and I hope this information helps you guys.
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    We are just starting to try our Carvewright for CO2 cars. Using Whiteboxlearning for STL generation. Are you able to cut out shell carves with the system?

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    Anyone have an issue with Axle holes not lining up on your final cutouts?

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