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    Just kind of thinking out loud, since I'm sure at the conference the closeness friendship and kindness (often on the forum people say family) of this group will shine through to people just starting out or passer-bys and guests.So since this conference will go on year after year I think at the very lest we should give family that has passed, some kind of mention that has passed in the pass year (AJK,TONY,LON/POPPY) I'm sure there may be more. Maybe a table with a picture of something they did with the machine. Maybe a card that could be signed by everyone there then sent to the family.Think of the impact that would have.If this machine stays around for a while and these conferences keep going on a lot of us may face the same thing.Think what that would mean to your family just to be recognize by the people you spent so much time with. Lets hear some more ideas so we can at least do something. If its a matter of money I'm sure there would not be any problem coming up with donations each year for a table or the extra it would cost just to be mentioned.May be part of becoming a carveoholic is you get a automatic inclusion if something unforeseen happens. Sorry to be so long winded

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    Its a great idea, Thank you for thinking of it.

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    You have my vote.
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    I'm in too.

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    I like the idea. If only each and everyone of us had a good picture of yourself on your profile then maybe we could do something like I did for a friend of mine who lost his 30 year old son just last fall. The cost really isn't that much either, a little lumber, a peice of acrylic or corian and a few lights. I think I have right around $20 in this one shown. Just a thought.

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    Thanks for contributing this idea to the family conscience Ed. It would seem possible to sign a card, scan the whole as a page and then vector cut those signatures on a plaque to send to the user's Family with a little Tribute message on top. If we can pull this all together I'd be honored to contribute the wood and time to carve and finish them as I'm sure others would be as well. We have far more talented designers here than myself but let me know if and how I can help.
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