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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Default Introduce Yourself

    We welcome you to the CarveWright Community Forum.

    Please introduce yourself so that we may get to know you.
    CarveWright CX Packaged System - starting at $2000
    CarversClub 1 Year Subscription - $150.00/year
    Adv. Support w/out CC membership - $25.00/issue
    CarveWright Community Forum - PRICELESS!

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    I could not resist....

    AL "who" here.... Got the nickname when I called LHR one time and said this was AL.... Digitalwoodshop.... She said "AL "who".... So the Urban Myth goes....

    I am a self proclaimed compulsive poster.... With over 5000 posts since 2007... I spend time each day here posting advice good and sometimes bad....

    A retired Navy Chief and Electronics Tech with 8 years with Sony fixing everything from Fanuc Robots at a Picture Tube Plant to Play Stations at the former Philly Service Center....

    Now I run my business making Tourist Stuff, Signs, and Fire Dept Safety Products.

    I am on top of the world this week as I just got a $10K Fire Tag order... Topping my last year's 15 Kentucky Fire Dept $5K order...

    I use my CW to cut the Tag Stock and Wood Handles for my Fire stuff plus Maltese Clocks.

    This is a GREAT PLACE and the machine fits my need very well..... I was going to cut the tags for this big order on my CW, 30 sheets 12 x 24 at 30 min each. But they decided on a 1.5 x 3 tag that I can get pre cut from my supplier.... to save time, It will go the easy route this time and give the CW a rest.... I will cut 8 wood handles for Accountability Boards for the order....

    It is going to be a GREAT year....

    AL "who"
    Favorite Saying.... "It's ALL About the Brass Roller"..... And "Use MASKING TAPE" for board skipping in the X or breaking bits.

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    Hey My name is Kevin ( ktjwilliams)... Live in New Jersey.... I just received an email that my machine has shipped.. (2/21/2011).... I can't wait,,, any and all advise is welcomed..... I retired so I'm alwayzzz around...
    Mans Quest for knowledge,,, means he'll always find a way !!

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    Welcome to the CW club. Keep reading what is posted, read the tips and tricks and you will have lots of fun.
    I am looking forward to your post and completed projects.
    Tom Watson
    Two CW's and D.C.-Top Mount Insert @ Get the dust out!!
    50" X 48" PDJ Pilot Pro CNC

    Check out my Facebook page for current carvings at

    Watsons Wooden Words & Messages in Wood

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    Hello I am wannabecarver and I have a question since I just made my first project today.

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    librmuel Guest


    Hello i am new and of course i am starting out with a Edge sensor problem.... I hope it is worth it to fix it..

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    Hi, I just got my Carvewright last Wednesday, had a problem with a microswitch, which the staff walked me through, got me up and running, and I have been learning by trial and error ever since. Let me just say, I love this machine. I am looking forward to some great times, and fantastic projects... Mike..

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    h2odog Guest

    Smile Just another newbie

    At least the CW is out of the box now and sitting on a bench.
    Hi I am Gary. I live in Chandler, OK. I arrived here from Kansas by way of 10 years in AZ.
    I will be attending the '11 conference and am looking forward to picking a few brains about the pattern creation process. A very important concept for me as nearly all that I do will be unique; and by unique I DO NOT mean using canned patterns. My woodworking skills have all been self taught so I know that I can learn from others that have been doing longer or that have had some practical education. I am curious by nature and an IBM iSeries programmer by choice.

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    Hi, I'm lynche. Just ordered a new Carvewright. I live in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.I'm looking forward to carveing but I'm a little worried!!!!!!

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    Clockmaker Guest


    My name is Jerry I'm forcefully retired. I like to carve but my hands arn't what they were so I decided to get this, I received my unit in Feb. but haven't been able to use it till the weather started warming up my shop heater died it's cold in Pa. I'm working on my first project, a sign for the Boy Scout camp. I'm stopping the sign to make the dust collector.
    Hope to talk latter.

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