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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Very nice work Eddie! Keep on rolling!

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    Great work Eddie! You are off to a great start! Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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    Welcome to the forum! It looks like you are catching on quickly, nice looking carves.

    Hope you also ordered the flex shaft lube when you got your new shaft.
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    Excellent projects. Really like the saying on the Owl Plaque.

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    Welcome to the CarveWright Forum Eddie,

    It's good to have you with us and it looks like you are catching on quickly with your CW. Sorry to hear your flexshaft bit the dirt but it has happened to all of us at one time or another. I second Floyd's recommendation of the CW lubricant when you have occasion to order something else. It would be fairly expensive to pay the shipping on that alone but combined with bits or other parts it is well worth having and will help ensure the shaft you have will last for a year or more based upon my experience.
    Again, good to have you among us and we always enjoy seeing what our friends are making for themselves and others.
    Fair winds,

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    I would like to welcome every new person getting on the forum, there is a wealth of knowledge here someone is always willing to help, in about 6 to 8 months you will have to have a intervention to slow down on the carvewright and quit buying

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    Beautiful carvings Eddie! You are off to a great start!
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    Nice work Eddie glad you shard view of your work.

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    Well, I guess I need to "re-introduce" myself.
    I bought my Carvewright in October of 2007, less than 300 hrs on it...I know it's horrible. But, I had so many medical issues for all those years and just going out to my shop (30' away) was SO painful.
    Well, my body decided to "bounce back" and I am getting ready to start using it again.

    I will have to start all over as I have forgotten everything about the machine, software and almost forgot what sawdust smelled like. LOL

    I look forward to picking everyone's brains, reading up and making "designer firewood" over the next few months.

    One question, should I upgraded the machine now? Or wait until I start to become familiar with it again? It's a Version "A", with all the bells and whistles we could get then. I know the software will need to be updated...I think I may have upgraded it last time to 1.187 or something like that. I have to even look if I have that computer still.

    Anyway, good to be back.
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    Hello Ed!

    Long time "no see". I am so glad to hear your health has improved and you will be able to get back to carving again. One of my favorite commissioned jobs was creating your Turkey Branch logo pattern years ago.

    As far as upgrading now...I don't think that is necessary if everything is in good working order. Just clean and lube everything and run a couple test carves (maybe carve your logo for a test?) If you run into any memory blocks, check with the forum members before running a project or if you need any help troubleshooting (or you can always call me, of course). In other words "holler" if you need help!

    Both of my running machines are "A" machines and work perfectly. The only upgrades were the rubber belts, new tracking roller and CarveTight chuck on one of them, and the other still has sandpaper belts and I finally retired the Quick Chuck on it and upgraded to the CarveTight. BTW, the Quick Chuck worked fine on both machines, but the CarveTight chuck is indeed better. If you upgrade anything, that should probably be first on your list.

    You MAY need to replace the sandpaper belts, as they might have dried out and become brittle and/or the glue seam on the belts may have weakened over time. I recently had to replace the sandpaper belts on the one machine...lasted almost eight years before the glue-seam started to fail.

    For "old-time's" sake, I took a peek at the original files for the logo I made for you and was reminiscing how much I enjoyed making that pattern for you!

    Welcome back, my friend.
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    Michael T
    Happy Carving!

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